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Who – The GWC team is a passionate, multinational group of 50+ dreamers, doers, innovators, game-changers, perfectionists, creatives and enthusiasts who focus on facilitating cross-border innovation and collaboration in the mobile and internet industry.


Why – We believe in the power of mobile internet to fundamentally transform entire economies, governments, societies, and countries; providing a new approach to health, services, entertainment, education, and the way business gets done. Mobile and smart devices empower individuals and organizations to connect to information and the world like never before, and will continue to be embraced by the next 5 billion users.


Though the highest density of these innovators are in Silicon Valley, the transformation is a global one, propelled by companies throughout the world. We work to connect these innovators, promoting the globalization of business and society.


How – We empower industry leaders and innovators to connect and partner across multiple platforms/verticals, helping them to go global FASTER and more effectively than ever before. Mobile internet and connected computing is THE story of the 21st century, and we are here to accelerate the innovation process through sharing and creating valuable new connections throughout the industry and across the globe.


What – We host some of the industry’s largest and most influential conferences the GMIC in Beijing, Tokyo, New Delhi and San Francisco (more locations to come!) to help tens of thousands of mobile executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from around the globe and across platforms to build partnerships, to learn from industry thought leaders, to better understand mobile technology trends, and to highlight how mobile is positively changing the world. Additionally, we facilitate the GWC Member Network, an invitation-only, private network for innovators and executives from leading mobile companies worldwide to build trusted relationships, share insights, explore collaboration and develop international growth strategy.


Our team is growing! Join us to help build connections and create experiences that will lead to the next wave of global innovation!


Available Positions:


Graphic & Web Developer – Mountain View, CA


Account Manager, Conference & Events – Mountain View, CA