GWC’s story begins in 2008 when the mobile internet industry was beginning to boom and mobile entrepreneur Wen Chu and his colleagues recognized the importance to learn industry trends and emerging technologies in key markets and centers abroad.

In his first quest to connect mobile innovators globally, he and his colleagues travel to Japan to meet with i-mode inventor Takeshi Natsuno and Japan’s leading mobile services companies, Docomo and Softbank. As a result, everyone agrees to open a larger-scale dialogue.

Hence, GWC is born and begins to “build connections and trust among mobile industry leaders and innovators around the world to make business easier and improve the world through innovation.”

Today, GWC provides its 200+ Members and mobile industry executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors countless networking and learning opportunities through international executive trips, monthly private dinners, and the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC).

GMIC has experienced an incredible growth story. Since first hosting approximately 300 attendees at GMIC Beijing 2009, GMIC has been hosted annually, and in 2013, hosted more than 20,000 attendees at its Beijing and San Francisco conferences.

GWC is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and has offices in Beijing and Tokyo.