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Shenzhen Vcyber Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative high-tech company, focusing on in-vehicle human machine interaction system development and Tlematics platform operation.

With patented leading speech recognition technology, as well as professional Telematics platform, Vcyber is commited to create a safe and convinient in-vehicle human machine interaction experience and provide services as hands free call , smart navigation, entertainment and car services,etc. Through integration of vehicle data, smart terminals and backend service resources, Vcyber is capable of offering complete Telematics operation solution in different sales phases.


Andy Shum


Andy Shum,President of Shenzhen Vcyber Technology Co., Ltd, EMBA of Peking University , Executive Director of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Committee of 100.

Mr. Shen , the pioneer of Commercial level speech recognition technology and Telematics industry, is the first one in China who introduce Chinese speech recognition technology into Telematics and realize the commercialization. He also put forward the concept of ‘Vehicle Voice Portal’ for the first time, which lays a solid foundation for Vcyber as the leading Telematics platform provider.