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Cheetah Mobile

Cheetah Mobile Co.Ltd is one of China’s most used internet security company with the core of security, to provide basic application service for internet users. Our service include kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Guard, Keniu Antivirus, Kingsoft Web Shield, Keniu Show and so on. There is more than 450 employees, including more than 250 develope engineers, which is over 60% of the total number of stuff. With over 22 years security experiences and Keniu’s “internet gene”, from the beginning, it is Kingsoft’s mission and values to improve internet security and creating trust online, to provide professional security solution for users.

Fu Sheng


1. 2010.11-now, as CEO of Kingsoft Internet Security Software Co. Ltd, is responsible for controlling the developing direction of the company and establish the holistic developing strategic planning

2. 2009.9-2010.11, as chairman and CEO of Keniu Show, committed to building the Chinese most outstanding image client software. The same day company established , Keniu announced the completion of the first round of financing level of 10 million RMB.

3. 2008.11-2009.9, as Vice President of Matrix Partners, during that time, worked to actively seek investment opportunities in the internet field, and plays an important role in several investment cases.

4. 2005.11-2009.9, as Qihoo’s General Mananger, lead and build the team to develope 360 Security Guards which has the largest users and the coverage rate over 70% less than 2 years, “the idea of using the internet security software to do” to broke the pattern of traditional internet security, during this tenure, engineered several important function, such as Trojan Killing, Bug Fixing and so on.

5. 2003.3-2005.11, as Product Manager of 3721, was responsible for Internet Assistant software, had gathered over 10 millions users, both IE repaire and the address bar to clean up were very popular.

Liu Xinhua


Xu Ming