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Sino Group

Sino Group is a leading global digital marketing expert in China to drive business results for Chinese clients. We have ample digital media resources worldwide with many top authorized licenses of elite media.
Under the group, there are two subsidiaries: Meetsocial and SinoInteractive. Meetsocial, the largest authorized agency of Facebook in China, offers perfect digital marketing services on Facebook and Instagram platforms. As for SinoInteractive, our expert team develops effective digital marketing strategies for Chinese clients to enhance brand reputation and increase sales worldwide, covering Overseas Market Analysis, Integrated Marketing Strategy, Creativity and Design, Advertising Optimization, Social Marketing and Account Management.
Composed of international digital marketing experts in authority, Sino Group has provided marketing solutions to many well-known brands leading in different kinds of fields including E-commerce, Games, Mobile Apps, Tourism, Technology, Education, News Organizations, etc.

Charles Shen

Co-founder & CEO