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SharpNow technology Co.,LTD.

SharpNow Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is an innovative company that focus on interactive technologies. Research fields include computer vision, image analysis, pattern recognition, deep learning, artificial intelligence and etc.. Developed the world’s first consumer-level gesture controller which can be applied to portable devices – Vidoo controller, and on the basis of this, the product line will be extended to optical handle and space tracking. SharpNow believes in user demand-oriented market and is convinced that humanized and intelligentized innovative technology as our core competitiveness. We provide our unique combination of software and hardware integration of human-computer interaction solution to the public, and we committed to apply our cutting-edge interactive technology to all the possibilities, such as virtual and augmented reality, auto electronic systems, smart home and other areas and industries.

Zhe Liu

CEO & Co-Founder

Master of Business Administration at Nankai University, Bachelor of Electronic Information Science at Nankai University. Five years experience in international shipping industry, as a route manager as well as a project manager in a large logistics company. Has an extensive experience in both project management and marketing management.