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Tianler Online Co., Ltd

Tianler Online Co., LTD, which is subordinate to Chinatelling stock, was founded in Oct, 2014. The establishment of Tianler Group is the significant milestone in the strategic development of mobile internet for China Telling Telecom Group, marking that Tianler will be devoted to long term planning and sustained developing with more creativity, openness and lasting investment.

Tianler Group will be based on the business development of the consumer demand of mobile internet, integration of industry chain resources, and the business refer to the entrance of mobile internet, mobile reading, mobile games, mobile health, the expansion of mobile internet tools and apps, as well as electronic sports industry.

Tianler Group hold the developing of mobile internet as its core business, claiming happiness experience and free sharing. In the future, Tianler will continue viewing the consumer demand as its direction, providing better service and better experience, while paying a close attention to the developing opportunity of new industries, such as education, tourism, payment and so on .It will proceed with pluralism, and build a integrated platform of mobile internet with reading, sharing, science, technology, entertainment and health.

Tianler Group will be a pioneer of mobile internet field and also an executor of providing ultimate service experience to the consumers.

Michael Yang


Michael Yang, CEO of Tianler Online Co., Ltd.

Michael joined China Telling Telecom Group in February 2014, served as Vice Chairman of Telling Group and CEO of the mobile internet industry groups Tianler Online Co., Ltd. Be responsible for mobile Internet business, will cover the entrance of mobile internet, mobile reading, mobile games, mobile health, the expansion of mobile internet tools .

Prior to joining Telling Group, Michael Yang had served senior leadership position in the high tech international company many years and used to be Vice President of Sales and Services for Motorola. Global VP of Dell ,and President of Dell Greater China.

Michael holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Jedi Sun


Jedi Sun, COO of Tianler Online Co., Ltd. that is responsible operations for mobile internet business. The business refer to the entrance of mobile internet, mobile reading, mobile games, mobile health, the expansion of mobile internet tools.

Before joining the Tianler Group, Jedi was the Vice President of Tencent Holdings and was the founder of the 2nd search engine portal ( in China, In charge of overall products’ R&D team, system operation management, and business unit’s decision-makings. Also in charge of core team recruitment, leaders’ promotion, and team building. The team size is over 1000 employees at prosperous time.

He set up SOSO team from nothing since January 2006, and led team to accomplish development of all of vertical search and web search. They published all the search products and started online service and operation step by step. With their several years’ effect, SOSO has become the 2nd largest search engine portal in China market. According to data statistics of third parties, we reached 8% market share of web search and 29% market share of mobile search.

Jedi have been working in search engine domain for over ten years, and his management and operations is for nearly 7 years at SOSO. The scale of server cluster design reached more than15, 000. He also has many years of practical experience in handling massive amounts of data and cloud computing.

Jedi graduated from Zhejiang University, Department of Computer Science. He is specialist holding many patents in search engine and cloud computing field. He participates with GNU way in the project named New Zealand Digital Library that was resided over the development by University Waikato. He updated the core source code of the famous full-text retrieval system named MG and added new functions that made the MG support Chinese stuff. From 1998 to 2001, he completed the full-text search product named sky walker. The product has been deployed in over 100 organizations like libraries of university, websites and news publishers in China.

Warren Wang


Warren, male, 42 years old, Central University of Finance and Economics undergraduate, EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of business, owning the certification of CPA,Who has been engaged in group’s financial management and financing work for a long time,having a solid theory foundation, rich financial management experience, investment and financing experience, as well as entrepreneurial experience. The current focus of Warren is on the mobile Internet industry investment and financial management.