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Beijing Bytedance Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founded in March 2012, Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd. runs Headlines Today (or “Jinri Toutiao” in Chinese Pinyin), a mobile application that makes personalized content recommendation based on data mining. Headlines Today’s mission is to help its users consume the most valuable information in the most convenient fashion. Born to revolutionize the information distribution industry, our application presents contents based on the user’s interests.

Zhang Yiming


Zhang Yiming, born in 1983, a Nankai University graduate, is the founder and CEO of Bytedance. He has been a serial entrepreneur who founded and co-founded many internet companies, namely “KuXun”,99fang and more. Named a “China’s 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30” by Forbes and a “China’s 40 business elite under the age of 40” by Fortune, Zhang has risen to be one of the most watched and youngest game-changer within China’s Internet industry.