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Time of Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd is cofounded by several professional game developers and outstanding graduates from Peking University, focusing on products of virtual reality and interactive entertainment. The team is one of the earliest in peers domestically, who obtained investment support from IDG in 2015 and then round A investment from Alpha Animation and Matrix Partners in 2016. Finding VR, one of our GearVR games, won us the title “The Most Potential VR Game of the Year” from Tencent.Com. Now we are cooperating with Sony and developing games on PlayStation platform.

Shaun Fang

COO & Co-Founder

COO&Co Founder of Time of Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd.Have numerous cooperation with some domestic 4A’s as project manager.
As a core member of producing team of domestic original VR content《Representation of Jiawu Sino-Japanese War》and《FindingVR》.
Have deep understanding of human-computer interaction and UED.
Graduated from Peking University.