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Curriculum Manager

1. Responsible for design and evaluation of the online courses and users, as well as users’ satisfaction and retention rate.
2. Designing the targeted content and operation strategies based on various products.
3. Analyze and identify the user groups, design various operational activities, maintain and enhance users’ relationship, continuously improve traffic and user loyalty, and increase the conversion rate of paid users and the repurchase rate.

1. College degree and above, major in science and engineering preferred.
2. Experience in community or large-scale user operation required, and online education product operation experience is preferred.
3. Strong interest and exploration ability in science, history, biomedicine and new technology.
4. Positive, active, strong self-motivation and learning ability, active thinking, good communication and expression, strong innovation ability.
5. Fluent in English, overseas working experience is preferred.


1. Responsible for planning proposals, creative ideas, writing, etc.
2. Collect and sort out all kinds of information involved in the project, including the collection of advertisements and copywriting, and establishing a database.
3. Responsible for the collaboration between teams, follow-up and completion of the project.

1. With a keen market awareness and market insight, excellent writing and quick thinking.
2. Strong curiosity and extroverted personality.
3. High sense of responsibility and good communication and coordination skills.
4. Strong team spirit and ability to work under pressure.
5. Event planning experience required. Experience in large-scale event planning and media resources are preferred.
6. Fluent in English , and overseas working experience is preferred.

Operation Manager

1. Responsible for the operation and Implementation of the project at the GASA University;
2. Responsible for controlling the process of the project, identifying potential risks and providing solutions in a timely manner;
3. Responsible for integrating suppliers and internal resources, ensuring the coordination between course content and logistics arrangements.

1. Bachelor degree or above, Operation experience, or Large-scale activity operation experience is preferred;
2. Having overseas resources is preferred;
3. Fluent in English is preferred;
4. High degree of responsibility for work, and good communication and coordination skills.
5. Have a strong team spirit able to perform under pressure.

Business Development

1. Source and evaluate new partnership opportunities ;
2. Work with leadership to define and refine partnership structures;
3. Be a deal maker, negotiating agreements and building long-term relationships with partners;
4. Prepare analyses in support of negotiations and develop recommendations to present to key stakeholders;
5. Prepare ongoing analysis of the competitive landscape and key industry trends and share key findings from the marketplace.

1. Bachelor degree or above, BD, or sales experience is preferred;
2. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills;
3. Fluent in English is preferred;
4. Adapt to change;
5. Personal drive and motivation, including competitive spirit, ability to overcome; obstacles, strong sense of accountability, action orientation, flexibility and situational adaptability.

Senior Corporate Communications Specialist

1. Establish new strategic customer relations for GWC’s office and forge a stable relation with current clients by visiting, meeting and event planning. Develop public picture of GWC as a brand of innovative hi-tech health care products company;
2. Be a key member of a cross functional team that develops and executes go-to-market strategies for GWC’ technology in the worldwide markets;
3. Rapidly evaluate market opportunities through researching market segments, policies, regulatory environment, economics, and competition, and identify key drivers and value propositions;
4. Collaborate with in-house team to develop internal and external communication strategy goals for the purpose of identifying audiences for marketing efforts and ensuring revenue objectives are achieved in the most efficient and timely manner;
5. Identify and build business partnerships and opportunities in the digital health ecosystem. Perform financial modeling to analyze opportunities, and associated risks;
6. Work in partnership with marketing team in multi-cultural global environment to develop and execute a marketing strategy including thought leadership and campaigns aligned;
7. Respond to inquiries from various internal and external parties including senior personnel, potential collaborators, and media for the purpose of providing information and/or direction. Research and advice GWC on local, national, or international factors affecting the business development with existing and new clients;
8. Formulate strategies to identify potential markets and develop company brand for GWC’ products and services. Identify and formulate marketing activities and policies to promote GWC products and services;
9. Develop process and documentation for efficiently qualifying business opportunities. Coordinate with engineers to scope product-to-market fit and specifications;
10. Identify, develop, or evaluate marketing opportunities, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors. Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings and deliver analysis reports;
11. Draft written content to deliver major announcements to corporate clients through GWC’s global social media channels, including but not limited to: Google +, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc;
12. Coordinate media relations and public relations for the purpose of assisting as liaison with corporate entities as well as prominent individuals within various industries and advising staff on public relations implications of policies and programs;
13. Lead and guide business development team on client pitch support. Provide input to Partners and its team on marketing and communication strategy to maximize their ability to win pitches. Conduct post-mortems on key pitches to strengthen Firm’s profile externally and internally;
14. Attend staff conferences to provide management with information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of GWC’ services;
15. Research and compile data from a wide variety of sources for the purpose of analyzing issues, ensuring compliance with various policies and procedures, and monitoring current trends. Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, and needs, to identify potential markets. Conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, collaborating with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters, and other professionals;
16. Develop and implement procedures for identifying advertising needs. Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies;
17. He/She will be in charge of strategic planning for our business development initiative in Bay Area, to increase GWC’s competitiveness and market awareness.

Job entails working with and requires Bachelor’s degree or foreign academic equivalent in Public Relations, Communications, or Business/Marketing or a related field and 5 years of progressive, post-baccalaureate experience in Public Relations or Communications positions or related occupations to include 3 years working with draft written content for social media, communication strategy, client pitches, develop company brand, multi-cultural global environment, evaluate marketing opportunities and deliver analysis report.
Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience. This should be read to mean that the employer requires: Bachelor’s degree or foreign academic equivalent in Public Relations, Communications, Business/Marketing or a related field with 5 years of progressive, post-baccalaureate experience in Public Relations or Communications positions or related occupations.

To apply please mention Job Code S01 and mail resumes to: Attn. HR, GWC Global Inc., 824 San Antonio RD Palo Alto CA 94303

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